Join the fun! No Wake Flotilla 2015 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Paddle from Grindrod Park to Mara Provincial Park

Celebrate the beauty of the Shuswap River

Show your support for non-motorized recreation! 

The No Wake Flotilla will take place on Sunday, July 26 this year.  All non-motorized craft are invited to join the 6th annual paddle down the Shuswap River. This event has grown in popularity, last year attracting 95 participants and approximately 70 watercraft of various kinds.

The launch will take place at 10:00 am at Grindrod Park. A shuttle bus will be available for those paddlers who want to leave their vehicle at Mara Provincial Park.  You can drop your boat at Grindrod Park and then drive your vehicle to Mara Park. The first bus will depart Mara Park at 9:30 am to take participants back to Grindrod Park in time for the launch. There will be a lunch and bathroom stop at Mara Hall at noon. Paddlers must bring their own lunches and life jackets. For the first time this year, officers from the BC Conservation Service will join the event for enhanced safety and support.

The shuttle bus made two runs last year. In an effort to manage the bus and timing, the Lower Shuswap Stewardship Society (LSSS) is asking that you RSVP if you plan to ride the bus. If necessary, the bus will make two runs again this year. There will be room for approximately 50 in two bus runs. If you would like to utilize the shuttle bus, please reserve your spot by or calling Jean Clark at 250 838 7299. Cost of the bus ride is by donation.

Individuals looking for a shorter paddling adventure can join the group at Mara Hall at noon to paddle the lower stretch of the Shuswap River to Mara Provincial Park. The event will wrap up at Mara Park around 2:00 pm with refreshments on the beach by the boat launch.

Celebrate the many non-motorized ways to enjoy the beautiful river environment and to raise awareness about the effects of boat wakes on the shoreline, aquatic ecosystem and other river users. 

 Jean Clark





Attention everyone! If you are interested in seeing boating regulations on the Lower Shuswap River, now is the time to act. Fill out the survey and attend the meeting. We need your support.

The RDNO is seeking feedback on proposed boating regulations for the Shuswap River. 

The Boating Regulations being proposed for the Shuswap River are as follows:

Zone 1 - Lower Shuswap River from Mara Lake upstream to Baxter Bridge (Trinity Valley Rd) – vessel engine size limit of 10 horse power.

Zone 2 – Lower Shuswap River from the Baxter Bridge (Trinity Valley Rd) upstream to the eastern (upstream) end of Skookumchuck Rapids Park – no motorized vessels.

Zone 3 - Mid Shuswap River from South Mabel Lake upstream to the Shuswap Falls – no motorized vessels. (Maps can be reviewed at


Please take the opportunity to provide your feedback on the proposed regulations by attending one of the scheduled open houses and/or completing the survey.


Surveys can be completed on-line at, where more information and maps of the boating regulation zones can also be found.

Open Houses

Two public open houses are being held to provide information on the proposed regulations

1.       Lower Shuswap River: Enderby Drill Hall, June 10th, 5 – 7:30 PM

2.       Mid Shuswap River: Mabel Lake Hall (Lumby end), June 11th, 5 – 7:30 PM 



The Lower Shuswap Stewardship Society (LSSS) is a registered non- profit society located in Enderby, British Columbia. We are concerned with the Shuswap River from Mabel Lake to Mara Lake.

 Our Mission:

To encourage community-based stewardship and advocate for change that promotes the protection and preservation of the Lower Shuswap River and Mabel Lake.


Our Vision:

An ecologically healthy river system for future generations to treasure.


 Our Objectives:


  • To ensure the protection, preservation and water quality of the Lower Shuswap River Watershed
  • Promote the sustainability of the watershed including the aquatic ecosystem
  • Support science-based studies
  • Identify issues
  • Monitor environmentally sensitive areas
  • Gather information and develop and implement action
  • Increase awareness among all stakeholders as to the importance of maintaining a healthy watershed and aquatic ecosystems
  • Develop stewardship partnerships: encourage shared responsibility and active participation through the cooperation of citizens, communities, industries, businesses and government for the management of the Lower Shuswap River Watershed
  • Support the development of a Lower Shuswap River and Mabel Lake Watershed Protection Plan through on-the-ground and regionally-based solutions




  • Water Quality Monitoring – Shuswap River 
  • Green Boater Program 
  • Septic System Dye Kits 
  • Ashton Creek Fry Rescue
  • No-wake Flotilla 
  • Habitat restoration at Blurton Creek
  • Lower Shuswap Inventory Mapping



Become a member of the Lower Shuswap Stewardship Society 

 Why become a member of the Lower Shuswap Stewardship Society (LSSS)?  Membership fees contribute to general revenue for the LSSS.  This money is used to pay for brochures, educational display materials and office expenses.  Your name will be added to our data base and you will be able to keep up to date with LSSS activities. As a member, you will receive invitations to workshops and trainings put on by and for the stewardship community.  LSSS members can receive subsidies or reduced fees for workshops, like the BC Lake Stewards Society annual meeting or the Stream Keeper Training Program.  

You will find the downloadable membership form on the top left side of this page. 



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